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Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells: What they are and why they Matter


We're less than a few days from 2020 and Bowflex sales seem to continue to rise. If you haven't heard about Bowflex, then you're in for a surprise.

What is Bowflex


Bowflex, owned by the Nautilus Inc., is renowned for their adjustable dumbbells and unique selection of strength and cardio equipment. Bowflex dumbbells have become overwhelmingly popular as they provide a modern solution to space issues. The Bowflex SellectTech dumbbells are compact adjustable dumbbells that feature a unique locking mechanism making it possible to have a complete set of dumbbells in less than 10 square feet of space.

The Bowflex Sellecttech lineup include the following:

Why Bowflex Matters


BowFlex SelectTech 552 Dumbbell set with stands and tablet.

Before Bowflex, there were traditional dumbbell handles with standard plates and collars. These were the dumbbells you saw your dad or older brother using when he was working out in his room or basement gym. These dumbbells, while they lasted an eternity, took time to adjust, often making a workout more tedious than it should be.

The next alternative to adjustable dumbbells were the iron / rubber hex dumbbells with the vertical weight tree. These made more sense. The only drawback was the cost, material, and constant need to re-rack the weights.

Finally, Bowflex dumbbells enter the market. Bowflex Dumbbells allowed users to workout anywhere. No need to buy multiple pairs of dumbbells. No need to worry about humidity. No need to worry about space. Bowflex dumbbells appeal to all users. The 552, 560, and 1090 provide a wide range of workout possibilities.

As the name implies, the Bowflex 552 adjust from 5 to 52.5 lbs. This weight configuration is perfect for those looking to workout with moderately heavy weights. To compliment your workout, the Bowflex bench is also available for purchase.

To learn more about the Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells, click here.


Bowflex Dumbbell Advantage

The Bowflex SelectTech 552 replace 15 pairs of dumbbells and are extremely easy to adjust. All it take is a turn of the dial to reach your desired weight. To make things better, each weight increment goes up by 2.5 lbs until it reaches 25 lbs. After that, it jumps by 5 pounds until it reaches 50 lbs.

Bowflex dumbbells feature 5 stars reviews. Customers are saying: 

5 Star Review  "I use this products for morning workouts before work. Easy to use and sturdy. Storage is nice, clean and takes up very little space compared to normal dumbbells." - Customer Review

5 Star Review"I use the BowFlex SelectTech weights for my home gym as a supplement to my workout at the gym. With limited space at home, these weights are perfect! I also puchased the weight bench, which was fairly easy to assemble. It does the job. With the purchase of these items, I have become more motivated to add time and volume to my workouts." - Customer Review

5 Star Review"I am very pleased with my 552 dumbbells. The smooth rotation when selecting a weight size is easy and quick. In a matter of seconds, you can be on your way to getting healthy and stronger. Looking forward to my workouts with Blowflex's 552 dumbbells." - Customer Review


5 Star Review"I was debating between buying the PowerBlock dumbbells or the Bowflex Dumbbells. My buddy let me borrow his PowerBlock dumbbells. They were annoying to adjust and I often inserted the plastic weight selector in the wrong position. Needless to say, after 3 workouts, I ordered the Bowflex and couldn't be happier." - Customer Review


The Bowflex Bench

In addition to the Bowflex 552, the 560 dumbbells, 1090 dumbbells, and Bowflex bench are great additions to your training routine.

When it comes to working out, it is essential to not neglect your workout bench. Owning a workout bench is crucial to experiencing an amazing workout. Nothing is worse than working out and not be able to achieve the perfect angle with an incline bench press exercise or have a flimsy bench. Nowadays, poor quality benches seem to flood the market. They may be inexpensive, but they do in fact sacrifice quality and peace of mind.

The Bowflex 3.1 is a standard heavy duty bench. It is basic but well constructed. It provides 4 essential positions: decline, flat, incline (45 degrees), and upright (90 degrees). If your new to working out or casually work out at home, this will be the perfect bench. The padding is thick and comfortable and will not tear with normal use.

If you are already experience and are looking to vary your angles, the Bowflex 4.1 and 5.1S are highly recommended. The Bowflex 4.1 features 5 adjustable positions. It has one extra incline position compared to the 3.1. Both the 3.1 and 4.1 have transport wheels and an adjustable leg restraint for decline support.

The Bowflex 5.1s Bowflex's top quality bench. This bench features 6 adjustable positions and includes many upgrades. The bench is redesigned to be stowable, modern, and premium. There is definitely a change in padding quality and ease of use. The positions easily adjust with a pin mechanism instead of a traditional ladder adjustment.



Ultimately, Bowflex SelectTech dumbbells provide consumers with a modern solution to a modern problem: space. These dumbbells are easy to adjust and transport. Combined with the Bowflex bench, your mini home-gym is ready. 

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