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Functional Trainers were designed to allow individuals to train the way you move. Functional training is more applicable to the everyday movement of your body and sports specific training. These trainers offers multiple upper and lower body exercises and engages your core, all in a compact footprint.

Shop from our wide selection of commercial trainers. Each trainer has its unique features and specifications. Here you will be able to choose the trainer that meets your specific need. No more one-size-fits-all experience.

Common features include 2:1 and 4:1 cable systems, 150 and 200 lb weight stacks, and multi-grip handles.No two trainers are made alike. If you're looking for the bare minimum commercial functional machine, take a look at the Xmark XM-7626 or the Inlfight FT1000.

If you're looking for our the best valued trainer, take a look at the TKO 9050FT. The Muscle D Multi-Functional Trainer also features a newly designed cable cross mechanism that resembles the FreeMotion Dual Cable Cross.

Functional Trainers

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