Umax U2 TPU Urethane Fixed Straight Barbells

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Umax is known for producing some of the best weight lifting products on the market. Each Umax product is made to order right here in the United States. Made in the United States means that each and every product is manufactured to the highest standards with quality control at its finest. 

The Umax U2 TPU Urethane Fixed Straight Barbells are now priced competitively for training facilities looking to get the quality of the premium Umax CPU fixed barbells but at a more affordable price. Umax U2 TPU Fixed Straight Barbells are manufactured with premium grade thermoplastic polyurethane and carry a 3 year warranty against breakage, bending, or loosening.

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Sku: U2BS-Set1
Brand: UMax
  • TPU Urethane Coating (Thermoplastic Polyurethane)
  • Better protection and eliminates odor compared to rubber coated plates.
  • Does not leave residue that can mark floors and surfaces.
  • White Umax Logo.
  • Lettering and numbering are permanently engraved and will not fade.
  • Umax incorporates its patented Dual-Lock structure design which prevents the barbells from loosening or coming off.
  • Premium Coating and Feel
  • Manufactured to order
  • Straight handle with medium knurling.
  • Solid individually or as a complete set.
  • Available in sizes 20 to 80 in 5 lb increments and 80 to 110 in 10 lb increments.
  • 3 years against breaking
  • 3 years against bending
  • 3 years against loosening

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