Vicore Core Ab Bench

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The fact is: even if you could care less about core strength. And figured that Agility and a more balanced body, were all over rated. And that maybe we really never did land on the moon. But it was all filmed in some Hollywood sound stage. You still couldn't deny that Vicore Core Ab Bench is the best piece of equipment ever designed for developing your mid section, injury free.

All other products available for performing sit ups and crunches, lack the proper ergonomics. Therefore, they place a great deal of pressure on the spine and tail bone. They also force the user to "jerk violently upward" at the start of each rep. A motion which ain't so great for the "Upper Cervical Ligaments". Can you say whiplash? With the Vicore Core Ab Bench, you are literally floating on air, eliminating tailbone or spinal pressure, making every motion smooth and fluid.

Vicore Core Ab Bench Specifications

Construction Commercial Grade 75mm 11 Gauge Steel
Adjustability Six Position Bench Adjustment
Transport Wheels Bearing Inlaid Wheels for Easy Transport
Stable Rubber Foot Pads - Safe for All Floors
Durable BodyLink Surface Tested to 4500 lbs (2041 Kg)
Handle Easy Grab Transport Handle
Functional Has Wheel-hooks for Working with Resistance Bands
Comfort Air Filled Leg Brace Pads - Guaranteed to be the Ultimate in Core Building Comfort
Quality BodyLink Surface Infused with Antimicrobial Agent and Protected with UV Inhibitors



Length 69 in. (175 cm)
Width 32 in. (81 cm)
Height 43 in. (109 cm)
Weight 76 lbs. (28 Kg.)



Frame Lifetime
Moving Parts 5 Years
BodyLink Air Surface 2 Years

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