York Split Sleeve Premium Curling Bar with Rubber Grip & Collars

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The York Split Sleeve Curling Bar is arguable the best curling bar on the market. Continuing its legacy, and among the few bars to feature comfortable rubber grips, the York Split Sleeve curling bar allows users to workout efficiently. Olympic plates will rotate with every curling movement, allowing workouts to become more effective. It's premium design will ensure years of life. Not only is this bar stylish and premium, the York Split Sleeve Curling Bar is iconic.

$99.99 $159.00
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Sku: 32030
Brand: York
  • 1 Pair of York Spring Collars Included
  • Split Sleeve Design
  • 30mm Grip
  • Urethane Grips
  • Weight: 25 lbs
  • Length: 54"

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