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Don't Buy Refurbished! What Gym Equipment Comapanies Don't Want You to Know! 1

Used Gym Equipment Tacticts to Take Your MoneyAt National Fitness Source, we understand that gym owners face multiple decisions when making a purchase. Gym owners must account for other expenses including real estate, personnel, maintenance, and more. With expenses in mind, gym owners may try to cut corners and save on equipment by purchasing pre-owned or even re-manufactured. We generally advise against that as Used Gym Equipment companies often fall short of their promises and end up costing you twice or more the amount you invested.

Today, we are going to let you in on the secrets that Used Gym Equipment Companies don't want you to know and help you make the best informed decision.

American Vs Chinese Gym Equipment Manufactuing | The Truth Behind the Process 0

In recent years China has been getting the bad rep for manufacturing poor quality products. In the fitness market we have seen numerous products and machines go bad. Plates have broken, bars have bent and come apart, and even machines have left users sadly disappointed. So there you have it, MADE IN CHINA must mean skip the deal.....Well it's not quite simple.

Rubber Vs Urethane Weights | What's The Difference 2

Rubber and urethane plates or dumbbells really difference in their soft / hard qualities. Urethane is generally more harder than rubber. Urethane will benefit from this as it is superior for its engraving capabilities and higher resistance to degradation. Rubber on the other hand has more resilience on impact and more elastic memory. This is why most bumper plates are manufactured with rubber. Both serve different purpose...