Premium Commercial Equipment for your Fitness Facility

TracFitness has been supplying premium commercial gym equipment to facilities all over the United States. We have all the equipment to open up your first gym or to renovate your existing gym.

Commercial Strength Gym Equipment

Why Shop with TracFitness

At TracFitness we make to sure to provide a truly unique shopping experience. We prioritze quality service as well as quality equipment. All of our customers receive individual bespoke recommendations and attention that is unmatched. 

We make sure to provide that equipment that suits your facility and your spending budget. Most companies will try to oversell you products and reach your budget with the least amount of equipment. We aren't like most companies. At TracFitness, our team strives to give you the best equipment for the price.

Shopping Experience

Shopping has never been easier with TracFitness. When you shop from TracFitness, your purchasing equipment from us, not some third-party seller. The online shopping experience has brought lots of benefits to consumers but at the same time brought lots of headaches.

Our shopping experience is seamless. Let us know your budget and products needed, and we will send you your personal recommendation free of charge.  After which, you are free to view each and every equipment on our site and mix and match the brands or designs that you see fit.

Finance or Lease Your Gym

It's your choice. Finance or lease your gym. Our partners at TimePayment and CIT give you the option to lease, lease-to-own, or finance your equipment. When you buy commercial gym equipment you have all the options available to you.

Opening a Gym

We love it when new gyms open. This experience is exhilarating and we love to see gym owners thrive and succeed with their business. We absolutely love it when our customers tell us how successful their business is going and how much their members enjoy the layout and quality of their gym.

Commercial Gym Equipment for Residential Facilities.

TracFitness is committed to eliminating the guess work in opening a new gym. When it comes to opening a gym, our partners will make sure to assist you. In fact new business' can qualify for financing. Because a business has less than two years of age, a cosigner will be needed. This is a great opportunity for a new business to grow its credit!

Getting Started

If you already know what you need, feel free to browse around. If you have a general idea of how you want to design your gym, send us an email at or visit our Contact Us Page.

Don't forget to include the following information:

  • Budget
  • Location
  • Facility Type (University, Hotel, Home Gym)
  • Facility Square Foot 
  • Gym Style (Luxury, Powerlifting, Modern)


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