Who We Are:

TracFitness is the leading online fitness equipment super-store for commercial and residential fitness equipment with central offices based in New York, New York. Our company has its origins in the Big Apple since 1994. Our online store makes us accessible to consumers nationwide. We carry the most diverse collection at the best prices. No more shopping on Amazon, Walmart, or Local Gym Stores. We are your #1 Fitness Store.

Since 2016, TracFitness has shifted over to an online store, providing customers nationwide with an opportunity to purchase high quality fitness equipment at the best prices. TracFitness serves both individual consumers and training facilities. Throughout the years, we have heard your stories and have experienced the fitness industry through your eyes. We have learned one thing: fitness is a passion that cannot be taken away. And so, over the last 10 years, TracFitness has constantly thrived to provide you with the best and most diverse equipment on the market.

We are proud to be your fitness equipment provider. We have dealt with a variety of markets including boutique studios, law enforcement facilities, Colleges and Universities, CrossFit and Powerlifting Gyms, cycling studios, physique competitor, and even reality TV shows like BRAVO TV. Our experience has proven that we know how to meet demand.

TracFitness is USA's fastest growing online fitness equipment retailer. Within just a few years, we have grown to unprecedented levels all thanks to customers like you. We pride ourselves in the fact that we provide some of the best brands. We not only provide you amazing and unmatchable prices, we also provide you quality equipment and quality service. Unlike the bulk of gym equipment providers, we don't sacrifice quality experience for price.

We are aware of the growing demand for gym equipment. We are aware of the needs of consumers. More importantly, we stay up to date with the media and time we live in. That's why we are constantly updating our prices (for the better) and innovating our website and user experience. We listen to you, the consumer, because that is ultimately who we revolve around.


What makes us stand apart from other online stores including Amazon?

First: We aren't a we-sell-everything company. We are not like most online companies that sell desks, lamps, and electronics.

Most retailers and not dealers. They acquire products through liquidation and other means to resell them. The problem with sites like these including sellers on amazon is that these individuals or businesses cannot provide warranty, cannot accept returns, and cannot provide a true shopping experience. They are just selling a product they purchased. Most don't have any knowledge of what they are selling. In fact, some sellers often buy products directly from us just to resell it on a different platform.

Second: As a dealer, only we can provide you the best prices. We deal directly with the manufacturer. Due to our online nature, we are able to pass on our savings directly to the consumer.

Third: We bring costs down by using a different and more effective type of advertisement: social media and direct campaigns. Our competitors spend thousands of dollars on advertising services. They haven't yet realized that social media is by far the best way to make yourself visible. And so our savings are your savings.


How We Started

TracFitness dates back to 1994. In the beginning the early stages of our company, TracFitness provided a limited number of brands to its consumers. In 2016, we moved online and began offering customers all over the US with the best warranty and prices, and largest selection of premium brands in the market.

TracFitness’ Commercial Division caters to health clubs and the vertical market segment within the European and Argentinean marketplace. Since the inception of TracFitness, retail and commercial sales are now in excess of $65.000.000 Million. Our New York based business and divisions in 5 Countries and 3 Continents share the vision of expanding the business to surpass $200 Millions in sales in the next 10 years. The first Argentinian store opened in 2017 in Buenos Aires and continues to thrive with our exceptional service.

The biggest factor with our growth was our desire to never settle, constantly evolve, and bring our customers the highest quality products for the best prices. It has been a great two decades thus far as we have continued to grow and expand. It has been a pleasure to watch our customers do the same.

To this day, our motto remains the same: “Every customer and every order receives the same level of professionalism; whether you want a pair of dumbbells, you are setting up a small garage gym, or even looking for an entire gym package delivered and installed.”

We look forward to continue to provide all our customers, both new and existing, with the best service and shopping experience possible.

Yours in Fitness and In Health
Luis G. Pinola, CEO of TracFitness



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