Jungle Gyms and Cable Crossover: The Heart of a Gym


Muscle D Premium 8 Station Jungle Gym


Jungle gyms  and cable crossover are the heart of the gym. Without a jungle gym, your facility can be considered incomplete. Jungle gyms provide users the opportunity to perform multiple workouts and exercises in one station. Some jungle gyms include 4 weight stacks while other go up to 8 and even 12 stacks.

A jungle gym is commonly equipped with a lat pulldown, a low row, a triceps station, and often a cable crossover or a cable column. When it comes time to selecting your jungle gym or cable crossover, it is essential to look at the weight stack, the footprint, and the overall design. Most jungle gyms are within the same price point. There is no sense in choosing an outdated model to save a few bucks when a premium design will go a long way for user satisfaction and overall feel.


Jungle Gyms and Crossovers

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