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The Inflight Fitness Cable Crossover is one of the only commercial cable crossovers in the market to be fully customizable. The Inflight Fitness Cable Crossover comes standard with two fully adjustable cable columns, a chin-up bar, and four stability handles. What makes this cable crossover so unique is that gym owners have the option to purchase three models: one with a 54" crossbeam for a more compact cable crossover, the standard 84" crossbeam, and the completely unique 84" "monkey-bar" crossbeam. Each one of the models include the option to upgrade the weight stack in dual 50 lb increments and shrouds to add the finishing ultimate look.

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In-Flight Products was founded in 1991 as an aircraft parts manufacturer and entered the fitness industry by producing OEM parts and complete machines for a major fitness company.

In 2001, Inflight Fitness was launched as its own brand with the acquisition of the Pacific Fitness SE line of commercial strength equipment. Today, Inflight Fitness combines the quality demanded by the aircraft industry with over twelve years of experience manufacturing commercial fitness equipment to bring you the exceptional value of the Platinum Series.

Inflight Fitness compact multi-function strength trainers are in use in gyms, hotels, studios, schools and government facilities across the Unites States, and around the world in countries such as Dubai, Egypt, Ireland, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, India, Mexico, Canada, and the Philippines.

The Inflight Fitness Cable Crossover is ideal for commercial or private training facilities. Its timeless modern design and construction with prove to have years of life.

Standard Features

  • Dual 50 lb weight stacks (10 x 5 lb plates and 10 x 10 lb plates on each side)
  • Chin-up bar with premium rubber grips
  • Cable column has seventeen height adjustments.
  • Cable ratio is 2:1.
  • Integrated foot block for seated row exercises.
  • 2" x 4" 11 gauge commercial frame.
  • Oval tubing.
  • Powder coated platinum frame.
  • Military spec Loos USA 4000# rated cables with corrosion resistant stainless steel swaged ball ends
  • 4.5" ball bearings for smooth and quiet operation
  • Premium non-UV absorbent grips to prevent wear.

Optional Ad-Ons

  • Powder coated and clear finish steel shrouds for a mar resistant lustrous finish.
  • Weight stack can be upgraded in 50 lb increments up to 300 lbs on each side.
  • Multi-Function and compact cross tubes available.
  • 2 different crossbeam lengths: 54" and 84"
  • Monkey bar crossbeam model available for a range of exercises including TRX.

Monkey-Bar Crossbeam Version (FT-CCOMF)

  • Dimensions: 142"W x 48"L x 94.17"H (361 cm x 122cm x 240cm)  
  • Weight: 834 lbs. (379kg)
  • Weight stacks: 2 x 150 lbs (2 x 68kg)
  • 84" Crossbeam with multi-grips handles.

84" Crossbeam Version (FT-CCO)

  • Dimensions: 142"W x 48"L x 94.17"H (361 cm x 122cm x 240cm)  
  • Weight: 794 lbs (361kg)
  • Weight stacks: 2 x 150 lbs (2 x 68kg)

54" Crossbeam Version (FT-CCOC)

  • Dimensions: 111"W x 48"L x 94.17"H (282 cm x 122cm x 240cm)
  • Weight: 779 lbs (355kg)
  • Weight stacks: 2 x 150lbs. (2 x 68kg)

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