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When it comes to commercial gym equipment Inflight fitness has the best value. Not only do their functional trainers and multi-gyms compete directly with companies like LifeFitness and Precor, they often surpass their competition with lower prices!

Inflight Fitness products and equipment are commonly found in hotel gyms, apartment gyms, and condominiums. They are well know for their dual function selectorized machines as well as their compact and modern looking benches. 

The Inflight Fitness lineup consists of the dual line selectorized equipment which includes: biceps and triceps machines, leg presses, lat machines, functional trainers, hip and glute machines, chest and rear delt fly, leg extension and leg curl, and ab and back machines. Their strength lineup includes: smith machines, cable crossovers, benches, dumbbells and dumbbell racks, vertical knee raises, and olympic benches.

Inflight Fitness truly stands out with their multi-gyms. The Vanguard and Liberator are two of the most popular all-in-one multi-gyms that targets all muscle while still maintaining durability and practicality in mind.

Inflight Fitness

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