Our Customers

Being part of the fitness industry, one is presented with the opportunity to make many clients and customers. Of those people we have sold to:

  • New York's Finest NYPD
  • New York's Bravest FDNY
  • New York's DSNY
  • Universities and Colleges in the New York neighborhood
  • Hotels and Spa
  • Fitness Celebrities
  • TV celebrities
  • MTA
  • Fitness Studios and Personal training studios
  • Gyms

Are You any of the above mentioned?

Here at TracFitness, we are able to offer discounts, sales, and services to those mentioned in the list above. If you are a gym or fitness studio looking to save some money on gym equipment, reach out an contact us. We may be able to provide some deals and discount on new or used gym equipment.

Are you an individual or student?

Don't worry, we haven't forgotten you. Here at TracFitness we strive to make sure everyone has the opportunity to afford gym equipment. Very often we have communicated with ordinary people looking to workout or wanting to get into shape while on a tight budget or limited space. Believe me, we know the struggle. We have gym equipment available for you too. Because TracFitness.com is focused on predominantly selling commercial gym equipment, you may not find all of products online. We do carry used home gym equipment / used residential gym equipment for those looking to save money. You can find out what we have by emailing us or contacting us by calling or texting (yes, we text too and are real people)

Email: info@tracfitness.com

Phone: 347-506-6879; 347-925-9472


No matter what budget you have, contact us so that we can get you the right gym equipment. Don't believe us? Just google TracFitness and see our reviews. We are here to provide top quality service. That is what makes us stand out from the rest.

 ~ Joseph, Vice President of TracFitness




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