Products sold by TracFitness are by default in new condition. New condition refers to products that are sold in the original condition shipped by the manufacturer. New condition items may ship in boxes or its original packaging, and may ship partially or fully disassembled depending on the nature of the product. Full commercial products like treadmills and selectorized units may not ship in boxes.

New products may also ship assembled. Each brand will ship in the same condition as originally provided by the manufacturer. By default, all products ship disassembled. 


The term refurbished applies to equipment that falls under one or all the categories listed below:

  1. Display Model - Products which are new and have been assembled for product showcase. Display Model products are typically in new condition. They may show minor sign of use from assembly, handling, and customer interaction. They may not include the original packaging
  2. Discontinued - Products which are discontinued by the manufacturer may be sold as a refurbished. They are products which are no longer being manufactured. They are typically in new condition and may show minor cosmetic marks from handling. Discontinued products may not have replacement parts available. Replacement parts may be available from third party manufacturers which are not associated with TracFitness.
  3. Overstock - Certain products may be sold at discounted prices in order to move or clear out inventory. Overstock products are typically products in new condition but may show sign of use from handling and storage.

*Due to the nature of refurbished products, they are not eligible for returns, replacements, or refunds. Refurbished products are sold at discounted pricing and it is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to acquire replacement parts or services should a product need servicing or replacing. Refurbished products do not carry any warranty (expressed or implied) and are sold as-is. They cannot be returned, replaced, or refunded under any circumstances.


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