JNH LifeStyles Infrared Sauna Oxygen Ionizer

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Get rid of pollens, bacteria, and other pollutants stuck in your infrared sauna with Oxygen Ionizer. This device is specifically designed to clean the air, prevent the spread of disease – especially if multiple people are using the sauna-, boost your mood, and clean the air.

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An Oxygen Ionizer is a device that rids the air of dust, pollens, bacteria, and other pollutants. Inside your Far Infrared Sauna, Oxygen Ionizers purify the air by removing allergens, dander, and odors from your Infrared Saunas. Leaving your Infrared Sauna air fresh and clean.

How do Oxygen Ionizers Work? 

Oxygen Ionizers work by creating an electrical charge to produce negative ions, which remove tiny partials from the air. The negative ions produced by Oxygen Ionizers seek out positive ions like pollen, bacteria, dust, mold, and so forth to bond. When the positive and negative ions bond, they become heavy dropping to the floor. The next step of course is to remember to sweep out your Infrared Sauna.

Your Infrared Sauna is a special place where you can encourage healing, health, and relaxation. The Oxygen Ionizer just ensures the air is clean, pure, and fresh.

The Oxygen Ionizer is designed by JNH Lifestyles and exclusively work with Vivo, Joyous, Freedom and Ensi Collection Saunas.

  • Removes allergens, dander, and odors.
  • Ionizes the air to bond with pollen, bacteria, and dust.
  • Keeps the air clean, pure, and fresh.
  • Works with the Joyous, Freedom, and Ensi Sauna Collection.
  • 1 Year Warranty

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