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Company Profile

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Muscle D Fitness’s ownership and management is comprised of fitness industry veterans with well over 100 years in combined experience. Brian Lewallen, one of the founders, started in the strength business with Muscle Dynamics in 1977 with the heritage of private labeling benches, racks, and machines for Joe Gold of Gold’s Gym, Venice, CA and the famous Muscle Beach. The company grew to many millions of dollars with a network of dealers throughout the USA and internationally. MD was renowned for the anatomical correctness of their equipment and the outstanding customer service given to dealers and customers alike.

What They Sell

Some 37 years later, Muscle D Fitness arises to serve the underserved dealer network and end users in the commercial market with new equipment that offers outstanding quality with very affordable pricing. The industry has many market segments that are dominated by large, multi-national corporations who mainly specialize in cardio equipment with offerings in part in the strength side of the business. One of the needs that has been lacking is the lack of quick access to strength equipment by customers. Muscle D Fitness maintains multiple warehouses domestically and overseas to stock most of the items shown in our catalogs. Rather than having to wait weeks or even months for orders to be produced, we can ship out orders within days of receiving the purchase orders. That has not been done to date by any other manufacturer…large or small. With financial considerations looming large in today’s economy, timely delivery means everything for cash flow purposes. 

Muscle D Fitness

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