Spirit Medical Systems:

Our products augment your facility with expanded patient treatment services giving you the ability to address several clinical needs.

Whether you are a PT Clinic or a an individual with dedicated needs, our products are here to serve you. (Scroll down for products)
 Physical Rehabilitation for wheelchair clients
Increasing clinical versatility and patient care responsibilities
Sport Training rehabilitation 
Sports Training
Discover the dependability and superior performance of our products
Cardiac Rehabilitation
Cardiac Rehabilitation
Spirit Medical Equipment develops science based solutions that support the rehabilitation field.

neurological rehabilitation

Neurological Rehabilitation

Optional upgrades to aid in the care of patients with neurological weaknesses.

orthopedic rehabilitation

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Optional upgrades that help stabilize patients with Orthopedic deficiencies.

active senior care

Active Senior Care

Provide comfortable exercises with minimal stress on lower body joints for the active senior.

Medical Series

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